Blue Range Technology

A full-service IT provider and reseller to SMB and education markets in North America.

blue-range-technologyCertain industries require unique technology solutions in order to best meet their needs while still maximizing their budgets. BlueRange Technology specifically partners with small to medium-sized businesses as well as schools to offer completely customized hardware that can integrate seamlessly within the organization. We also help evaluate IT needs in terms of software, infrastructure, and potential utilization loads to ensure that our customers are getting the most from their purchases. Pair those services with our help managing returns and trade-ins, and BlueRange Technology has become go-to IT provider for multiple enterprise, SMB and educational institutions.

Solutions for Enterprise and SMBs

At BlueRange Technology, we know that small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) often work under tight budgetary constraints while still requiring hardware that can perform at the enterprise level. We maintain strong relationships with some of the world’s leading manufacturers–including Acer, Dell, HP, IBM and Lenovo–to offer new and recertified hardware at affordable prices.

Other options for our enterprise customers include face-to-face sales rep coverage, and a configuration center that handles services like imaging, server configuration and asset tagging. We consider customer support to be our highest priority and ensure that you can rely on our knowledgeable team for help without ever getting pushed back to the manufacturer.

Affordable and Reliable Education Technology

BlueRange Technology merged with PartStock Computer in 2015 to cultivate our education technology branch. For more than 20 years, our friendly and knowledgeable associates have helped make us a leading computer supplier to the education market. We offer completely customizable solutions for K-12 schools and higher-education organizations, including IT lifecycle management and technical support.

Schools can choose from new and refurbished machines that are priced to maximize their investments while also guaranteeing uniformity across each organization. We offer products like laptops, desktops, tablets, Chromebooks, servers, and accessories so that students and teachers always have access to the technology they need to enhance the learning experience. Products are also backed by industry-leading warranties that ensure complete customer satisfaction for years to come.