Percy Manguall

Director of Procurement

Percy Manguall is the Director of Procurement for North America. He manages both Procurement and Inventory for the Canadian and US facilities. He began his employment with XTG in 2003 as the Manager of Product Operations and has successfully progressed to his current leadership role. He was instrumental in the implementation of Oracle and is considered one of our experts.

Percy plays a key role across all of our departments. He is critical to the success of our Sales teams in locating needed inventory at the right price and ensuring competitive pricing for our customers. He works closely with Operations to manage and validate inventory. Percy’s knowledge of the company is often called on to sort out issues that require a historical view. His role helps us to maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
Percy has 24 years in the computer industry, including past experience as a Vendor Account Manager and Product Manager.

Percy is based out of the company’s Mississauga, Ontario office.