Anthony Randazzo

Vice President of North American Sales

As the Vice President of North American Sales, Mr. Randazzo is responsible for corporate growth and strategy, sales leadership, full P&L management and business development. As well, Mr. Randazzo manages the customer service, operations and technical service teams at Vernon. Mr. Randazzo achieved great success for Vernon in 2008, with the opportunity to manage Lenovo’s Loaner Program for North America, which he continues to manage as well.

After graduating from Stony Brook College with a Masters degree in Sciences, Mr. Randazzo started his career working in the data center at Reuters in Long Island. He then joined USPC Corp where he worked as a Sales Representative based in New York City. As one of the first employees at the firm, Mr. Randazzo was involved in every aspect of the business as it developed over his seven year tenure.

Mr. Randazzo joined Vernon Technology Solutions in 1995 as the Director of Sales and Marketing and focused on efforts in the short-term computer rental business and the expansion of four offices in the U.S. He then was promoted to National Sales and Operations Manager where he was responsible for corporate expansion including the restructuring of 11 branch offices in a seven-year period. With a continued focus on revenue generation and margin improvement, Mr. Randazzo became the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Vernon Technology Solutions, North America in 2000. Eventually selling the Canadian division to National Leasing in 2005. Mr. Randazzo focused on the rebranding of the U.S. entity as Vernon Computer Source, which Xchange Technology Group acquired in 2007.

In 2015, Mr. Randazzo was named Vice President of North American Sales for IT Xchange as a result of his leadership, successful sales initiatives and revenue growth within Xchange Technology Group.

Mr. Randazzo has been married for 23 years with two children. He and his family enjoy skiing, boating, scuba diving, biking, paintball, horseback riding and other outdoor hobbies.